Lido V

Park and Street Modern, design Hallvard Jakobsen

One of a family of luminaires sharing the same design but in different sizes. Familiar shape combined with excellent serviceability makes it a safe choice, especially in conjunction with the Noral colour program. The luminaires are vandal resistant, featuring modern lines allowing it to fit well in many enviroments and architectural lines. Available in both wall and post mounting styles.


Housing and roof: Gravity cast in AlSi 12 aluminium alloy based on recycled pure aluminium.
Lens: UV stabilised clear polycarbonate.
Reflector: White painted aluminium.
Hardware: Stainless steel.
Coating: UV-resistant polyester powder coating.


Optical unit: Sealed to IP55 (EN 60598).
Reflector: Symmetric.
Ballast compartment: Sealed to IP 55 (EN 60598).
Post fixture: Adaptors for post Ø50, Ø60, 75/76 mm.


Re-lamping: Hinged optical unit accessed by release of a single captive screw.
Ballast compartment: Accessed by release of two captive screws.


Cabling: Supplied with internal cable of appropriate length 3x1,5 mm2 PVC cabel provided with quick coupling in the luminaire, terminal (wall configuration only) for 3x6 mm2 cable. Suitable in/out cable Ø max 10 mm for wall mounting.
Post mounting: I1 configuration supplied with self locking and insulating adaptor.
Wall mounting: Lido IV available with corner bracket as accessory.


Nominal line voltage: 230V, 50Hz.
Insulation: Class I, optionally Class II for selected light sources.
Electrical components: Required gear for light source fitted in the head. Fuse system – to be fitted in post, not supplied.
Light source: Not supplied.



Use the configurator to download a model specific datasheet.

Luminarie files




Recommended poles

Recommended height: 4 - 4.5m

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